"I TRY" Hip Hop Therapy Project - creative strategies to address youth addiction.

In 2016, a psychiatrist from Coast Mental Health approached Orange Pulp to assist in the development and execution of a creative project designed to give voice and deliver therapy to a small group of youth struggling with addiction.  

The project moved through several phases. The first phase involved 6 hip hop skill-building workshops designed and facilitated by rapper & MC Nigel Mojica. A youth-led meditation kicked-off each session followed by writing and voicing instruction.  During the workshops, the youth were encouraged to compose rhymes relating to their experiences and struggles, while paying attention to the fundamentals of rap. In the final session, the youth were invited to Greenhouse Studios in East Vancouver to participate in the recording of their rhymes. The session was led by music producer Kent Stephany (K-Rec) and Mojica. The final result was a professionally produced hip hop track to crystallize the youths' inspiring efforts. 

Orange Pulp created a short video documenting the journey the youth undertook, as well as a music video inspired by the original track.